A Few Images of the HCSB Minister’s Bible

I went ahead and ordered the HCSB Minister’s Bible with imitation leather cover last week and it arrived today.  So I want to go ahead and post a couple of pictures of it for anybody thinking of ordering this or the HCSB Minister’s Bible with a genuine leather cover.

Below is a picture of the cover:

From Bible Pictures

Below are a couple of pictures of the Bible text showing both prose and poetry sections:

From Bible Pictures
From Bible Pictures
From Bible Pictures
From Bible Pictures

I will write a full review of this Bible later after I have spent some time with it.  But for now I will give a couple of quick points.

The imitation cover feels OK to me, but time will tell how it holds up.  The Bible has two bookmarks: one black and one silver.  This coordinates with the gilding on the edge which is silver.

The paper seems alright in terms of weight.  However it is a little bit wrinkled or wavy.  I am not sure whether this really matters or not.

The text looks very clean on the page which I like.  However I am not sure that I really like the feel of the font that they chose, but again time will tell on how well it reads.  And of course the text is single column with only black letters.

The bullet points are still used, but they are small and unobtrusive.  The brackets are gone (hurray).  Bold text is used for quotations of the Old Testament like before.  However the it is only slightly darker than the normal text and not obtrusive.  The textual footnotes are indicated with uppercase capital letters.

All in all it seems quite nice and I look forward to using it.


5 Responses to “A Few Images of the HCSB Minister’s Bible”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Yes, I’m taking first new looks at my copy too. I’m focusing more on the revision – from what I can see, I like it very much though the old edition was growing on me too.

    This is definitely a fairly literal translation but one that’s much easier to read than those I grew up with.

  2. Erik Says:

    Great pics Jeff! Thanks.

    I just took the 2010 HCSB Minister’s Bible (Genuine Cowhide) plunge. Will be getting it within a week from Amazon. Looking forward to it!

  3. Erik Says:


    Here are the 100 pictures of my HCSB 2010 Minister’s Bible in genuine cowhide that arrived yesterday (July 7th, 2010):



  4. No Excuse « Jeff's Thoughts Says:

    […] Jeff's Thoughts on the bible, theology and more « A Few Images of the HCSB Minister’s Bible […]

  5. Cameron Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful write up of the HCSB Ministers Bible. I have the HCSB Ministers Bible in Genuine Leather and I love it! I have a full review and pictures at my blog http://newchristianfaith.blogspot.com/

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